Mcafee Livesafe is one spectacular antivirus program that has all the security features a user could ask for. And when it comes to MCAFEE LIVESAFE for UNLIMITED DEVICES including WINDOWS, ANDROID, and APPLE Devices, the benefits are immeasurable!!! It works on different devices, providing “out of the world” protection that keeps all sorts of threats from penetrating devices that have this antivirus program installed in them.


The best part of this program is that it can be renewed at a 65% discount off the fixed renewal fee when it expires; all thanks to us. But before taking you through the steps to follow and to get a cheap renewal of your Mcafee Livesafe , let’s take a look at what it offers.



MCAFEE LIVESAFE 2017 for unlimited devices offers unlimited protection across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, and wearable technology) by securing devices from one simple-to-use console.


With Mcafee Livesafe 2017, just a single subscription covers all the security needs of a user and guards against threatening activities. Mcafee Lifesafe 2017 customizes the level of protection to users’ needs and monitors the information that travels between the several devices on a single network.


Its superb sophisticated filters block suspicious incoming internet traffic and programs that attempt to steal user data. What's more? This antivirus blocks malicious applications trying to send users personal data over the internet. It possesses anti-spam protection and automatically detects emails that try to expose users to malware that trick them into giving away sensitive data. It is an anti-spyware that prevents spyware from infecting user devices and sharing users data with third parties.


Mcafee Livesafe anti-spam filtering prevents unsolicited emails from reaching user's inbox. It also has a protected mode that saves a limitless number of user devices. It is a one security solution for desktops, tablets, mobile devices and wearable technology. With Mcafee Livesafe, users are covered while surfing social media, this is because its social media protection secures all devices from one simple-to-use console.



It has parental control for children exposed to sophisticated devices. To this end,  parents can easily restrict their childrens access to contents that are inappropriate for their age. Similarly, this anti virus allows parents to monitor their children's activities thereby preventing them from accessing certain websites. And thanks to mcafee livesafe's screen time management, parents can now restrict the amount of time their children spend over the internet. Also, its child activity log affords parents the chance to find out if their children are visiting restricted sites or going online outside the scheduled hours.



Mcafee Livesafe’s Onscreen True Key Logo gives room for biometric login which lets users sign in without passwords by logging in with facial recognition or fingerprint. Its password locker stores password locally on users’ device and synchronize them to the user profile. Its secure auto-login allows for automatic login by letting True Key enter user login details and passwords for them.



Mcafee Livesafe lets user remotely back up, restore, or wipe their personal information from a lost mobile device. Using centralized Mcafee account, users can locate and lock their lost mobile phones. In cases of phone theft, Mcafee Livesafe’s CaptureCam lets users have their stolen phone’s location sent to their account along with a photo of the thief. And when a Mcafee-secured mobile phone gets lost, an emergency location update can be gotten when the phone’s battery runs low.



Its malicious app protection feature prevents unlawful installation of malicious apps on your mobile device and controls what personal data and an app can access and change. Mcafee’s app lock secures user apps with PIN codes to restrict access by others who may want to make use of their device. Unwanted background apps get cleaned up to free up memory and improve phone speed and save power. Mcafee is faster and easier and has an intuitive interface that is optimized for the device, hence giving the user instant access to all security features. Users can schedule regular scans for their devices, disks, and folders. Users can also scan apps and files in 60 seconds and ensure your PC is protected.



Having filled you in on the wonders of McAfee AntiVirus Plus, I can bet you’d settle for nothing less. But the problem is that you can’t continue enjoying the outlined benefits beyond a particular period of time without renewing it. Worse off, the renewal fee can be choking!!!


However, there’s a way out for you. You can get a cheap renewal of your Mcafee Livesafe for just a token (65% off the renewal fee) by reaching out to us. If you ask me, 65% off the mammoth renewal fee isn’t a bad deal. To get this offer, click on the following link and your Mcafee Livesafe will be renewed in just a matter of minutes. 




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