Renew BullGuard licence subscription for cheap - Save money on your BullGuard Renewal

BullGuard is becoming a serious competitor in the Internet Security sector and as they do the prices of BullGuard seem to be going up and up.

BullGuards renewal can be very expensive, the price varies but can easily go up to £50 -£60 a year.

So what can be done about this, how can I get the same BullGuard Protection for cheaper.

Well the answer is simple, when you buy a licence from us here at InterSecure we send you a 16 digit licence key.

If BullGuard is already on your computer you can still use the licence-key to upgrade or renew your account.

You have 2 easy ways of doing this:

1 - Activate using the application

Open BullGuard, go to Settings > Account.


Account Settings

Type in your licence-key code in the rectangular screen, then click Submit licence key to complete the process:

2 - Activate online

Use the activation page to enter your username, your password and your licence-key. Please note that this will not create an account, but will only work if you have already registered one.

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