Bullguard Internet Security - knowledgeable, efficient, concerned, patient and courteous.

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Bullguard was put on my computer when I bought my first one in a local store.
Owner recommended BG in preference to other perhaps better known providers of this service.
Since that day (10 years ago), I have had BG looking after my computers.
Gradually I have come to appreciate just how effective its product is but additionally how very easy it is to obtain help from the experts. I have chatted online, I have spoken on occasion and I have had email support.
The technicians have without exception been knowledgeable, efficient, concerned, patient and courteous. Unlike many other businesses, they do genuinely try to ensure that the customer service that they provide is highly professional but not at the expense of courtesy.
On rare occasions, they do have to wrestle with a problem before arriving at a conclusion and this is their greatest strength of all. Quick fixes do not form part of their professionalism and they try very hard to ensure that they are providing an optimal solution with which you, the customer, are comfortable.
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