Protect Your Future, Secure Your Business

Powerful, simple and reliable endpoint cybersecurity for small offices


BullGuard Small Office Security

Powerful, simple and reliable cybersecurity

  • Outstanding protection

    Multi-award winning, triple-layered protection, blocks all types of malware threats, prevents access to malicious websites and stops ransomware in its tracks, keeping you safe – always.

  • Exclusively simple

    You have a business to run. Do you really want to get bogged down in cybersecurity management? Of course not. BullGuard Small Office Security couldn’t be simpler to use.

  • Protect all your devices

    Lock down your workstations and laptops against malware and safeguard all your smartphones and other mobile devices when your team is out
    and about.

  • Silently effective

    Employees simply install the app as they would any other. Its silent, quick and effective allowing them to get on with what they do best.

  • Meet compliance

    The growing tangle of compliance requirements can be dizzying. How do you keep up? Protecting your devices with BullGuard Small Office Security goes a long way to meeting mandatory legislation and keeping your business out of harm’s way. 

  • Top

    Many businesses have concerns about how much system resources cyber security uses. They are concerned it will eat up processing power and slow computers down. Never fear, you won’t even notice that BullGuard Small Office Security is even running.

Simple management from a cloud admin portal

We want to help secure your business not entangle you in complexity. BullGuard Small Office Security enables centralised management of all computing devices from a beautifully simple portal.


Cloud Admin Portal

The beating heart
of your office security

Endpoint cybersecurity management couldn’t be simpler with this user-friendly, centralised cloud portal. It provides sweepingly comprehensively management and is incredibly easy to use.

  • Application deployment

    Very simply an invitation is sent via email to the employee, or the administrator downloads the application installer and distributes it across all devices. No credentials are required and deployment is carried out in the background, silently and quickly.

  • Subscription and installation management

    The administrator can deactivate existing installations, invite new employees to install protection on their devices and acquire new device seats as required.

  • Network security status

    A simple overview of all protected devices is available with a single click. If a device is unprotected, an update is missing or there is an infection, an immediate alert is sent to the administrator.

  • Remote commands

    The remote commands include device scans and updates, disabling and enabling, removing quarantined macOS and Windows files and restarting Windows devices to remove infections. For Android devices remote lock, locate, wipe or scream commands can be sent if a device is lost or stolen..

  • Groups

    Group settings can be remotely applied to devices. For instance device groups can be defined appropriate to users’ roles and tasks, and the specific rules remotely enforced.

  • Account management

    Account management has never been simpler. The administrator can update company and user details with a simple click

  • Notification center

    When ‘events’ are detected such as devices that need updating or a device that has been offline for an inordinate length of time, alerts are sent to the Notification Centre. These events also include the status of any given device, malware detection and licence status updates. For instance if malware or a phishing mail has been blocked a notification is automatically sent out. This provides the administrator with an at-a-glance view of overall security status. The results of remote commands are also sent to the Notification Centre.

We’ve got it covered

BullGuard Small Office Security protects Windows, macOS and Android devices. Thanks to its multi award-winning antivirus protection you can lock down your fixed computers, seal your laptops and make watertight your mobile devices – protecting your entire office.

  • Windows

    Windows is the most popular OS in the world and we’ve got it covered. Alongside industry-leading Windows protection you get a firewall on steroids, safe browsing and content filtering.

  • Mac

    You may think Macs are impervious to malware. They’re not. There have been many high-profile attacks on the macOS. And they are unlikely to stop unless you’re protected by BullGuard.

  • Android

    Everybody loves Android devices. Their open operating systems allow for greater flexibility and you can run all your business apps on them. But as an open source operating system they are a big target for cyber villains too.

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Cloud Admin Portal

The dashboard provides a clear and simple overview of the network’s security status.



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