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Authour: Dev Access

This totally professional security suite always scores highly on anti-virus comparative charts and having tried several of these products over the years I am happy to settle with this one. I like the fact that the Danish founders based their company in the UK. I somehow feel that I could never quite trust security products coming from the USA where the level of government interference in IT companies is so prevalent, or from Russia where it is impossible for me to gauge the level of interference from any quarter.
The software installed trouble-free and very quickly. My PC was fully protected within three or four minutes from putting the CD in the drive and typing in the registration key (which is printed on a label stuck on the CD cover). The installation process didn't ask me lots of questions about what I wanted but set up firewall, anti-virus, spamfilter, browser safety, PC vulnerability checker and PC Tuneup. When the control panel popped up I saw that I had an option for parental control but I don't need this so left it inactive.

The PC vulnerability checker was interesting - within a few minutes I got warnings about out of date Adobe Reader which is a security risk, and a link was provided in the pop-up box to enable me to download the latest version. There were also a number of Windows settings which it wanted to fix so I let it go ahead - all with the click of a single button.

When I went on the Internet with Firefox and did a Google search I was pleased to see a little green tick by every website in the search results. I know Google do their best to eliminate dodgy sites from the search results but this extra check is worth having in my view, particularly in these days of horrendous malicious software like Cryptolocker.

I was pleased to find that there is a good level of support - from the website you can chat online to a support person, and there is also a very useful support forum where you can post questions. You can also email support with a 24 hour response time for less urgent problems. Most people will never need this level of support but it's good to know it's there.

Having run Bullguard for a while now I have found it to be non-intrusive (not popping up stupid messages all the time) but also reassuringly "there". Before Bullguard I was running a well-known Russian security suite and although it is undoubtedly excellent, I knew that I would never be fully comfortable running software from Russia (or China or the USA). With Bullguard I feel that I've got a home-grown product and for me at least, this is a major plus.

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