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Nowadays, there are so many antivirus programs to choose from in the antivirus market; so much so that the issue of indecision comes into play in most cases. A careful review of these different antivirus programs shows most of them to be just the program you need to keep your system safe and boost its performance. Of the truth, these programs offer remarkable services that tend to make users addicted to them. But then, a user must be well informed about the different antivirus programs and their functionality in order to choose an antivirus program that best suits his PC needs.

Some antivirus programs are good at one thing and bad for the other. Some can only tackle a limited number of viruses. With such antivirus programs, your system still faces the risk of getting infected by newly invented viruses. This calls for the ultimate need for an antivirus program that can serve you all round; a program that protects your computer and restricts spammers, prevents hackers from accessing your computer and online data, etc. These services and many more are offered by Kaspersky Antivirus, an antivirus program that has been tagged “the backbone of your PC’s security system” due to its functionality.

A couple of tests that were conducted on Kaspersky Antivirus returned impressive results that confirm the program as being competent, given that it performed well in various tests as well as those performed by third-party labs, proving it to be an excellent program that can capably detect and block malware threats on your computer. In some third-party tests, this program taxed computer resources more than some top antivirus picks, which created lag. Kaspersky performed well in the detection of malware and has many other security features that make it compatible with the different versions of Windows (including Windows XP and Vista).

These awesome features are the factors that place Kaspersky antivirus on the list of the best antivirus software, earning Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. As part of its safe banking tools, Kaspersky Anti-Virus has an on-screen keyboard. Kaspersky Anti-Virus delivers real-time protection from the latest malware and viruses. It works behind-the-scenes with intelligent scanning and small regular updates while proactively keeping you safe from known and new online threats. With Kaspersky antivirus, you get to enjoy the essential protection that won’t slow you down in any way.

Amongst some of its competitors, this program has more features. For instance, it has anti-phishing features and scans emails and instant messages in order to ensure that no single infectious element attaches itself to your computer. It also auto-scans USB drives, thereby adding another layer of protection to your PC. For already infected PCs, this program isolates and destroys the threat, after which it auto-repairs any done damages. And if the PC is badly infected, Kaspersky resets the PC with some assistance (you can use the program’s rescue CD).

Its gamer mode suspends malware scans while games and movies are being played or watched online, keeping notifications from interrupting the fun. However, this feature must be manually enabled. The most basic Kaspersky Anti-Virus package comes with three licenses, letting you protect three separate computers or laptops. This offer isn’t offered by most antivirus program, making Kaspersky a key option to a user who has two or three computers to protect. The mobile version keeps smartphones and tabs safe from keyloggers, adware, viruses, and phantom websites that grab user info while they advance to legitimate sites.

One of its best additional features is its safe banking tools. Its on-screen keyboard masks usernames and passwords when entered into login fields to keep hackers and keyloggers from snatching user info and using them to steal user identity or compromise user accounts. However, Kaspersky’s basic version doesn’t have some other protection and privacy tools like parental controls and password manager. But then, it sells advanced internet security packages that include these features. The key functionalities of Kaspersky anti-virus include;

  • Scans all websites and emails for malicious software.
  • Detects and helps repair program vulnerabilities.
  • Safely checks files, applications and websites with one click.
  • Rolls back most harmful malware activity.
  • Delivers smart, frequent updates throughout the day.
  • Maximizes PC performance with speed and efficiency.
  • Easy-to-use interface and Desktop Security Gadget.

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