Internet Security that doesn't slow my system and is effective against threats

Authour: Dev Access


I had previously had McAfee Livesafe which I liked but I found too expensive and slowed down my system, much against my expectations, Kaspersky Internet Security, which lasted all of a week before I uninstalled it because it also slowed my system to a crawl, and Bitdefender which once again also slowed my system and resulted in dropped connections which magically stopped once it was uninstalled.

I decided to renew with Bullguard after the trial because i had found it worked unobtrusively and had no impact on speed. The interface is neat & clear and you can see at a glance how things are. Every now an then I get a notice or alert but, unlike some security packages I have tried there isn't a constant stream of annoying unnecessary messages or false positives. I have been using it for about three months now and so far I haven't had any problems or security issues. Bullguard just seems to get on with it without intervention from me. Once a week it provides a report which I find encouraging - it sort of confirms that behind the scenes something is happening! I haven't had to call on technical support but from what I have read this is excellent. Bullguard doesn't offer a password manager or a file shredder but this wasn't a major factor for me.

One thing worth noting is that as the trial comes towards its end, you get regular warning messages encouraging you to buy. The prices on these were generally much higher than the price here on InterSecure. 

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