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Bullguard Mobile Security Antivirus is a top notch protection service that has a cutting edge app, protecting users against a wide range of threats. This security system offers industry-leading defense system to safeguard users against damage that can arise from loss or theft of device. This defense system is unmatched by competitors as it as an easy to use interface, provides an intuitive operation and does not drain batteries. This mobile app also includes Bullguard Mobile Security Manager – a platform designed to provide remote access to devices, protecting your data and privacy.

Android devices are usually vulnerable to threats form malware and these mobile devices could be lost or even stolen. In the face of these threats, Bullguard Mobile Security Antivirus has an ultra-fast cloud-based AV engine that has minimal impact on the battery power, ensuring the latest virus updates are always available and automatically applied without user intervention. In cases of a stolen or lost device, Bullguard Mobile Security Antivirus protects the device against any intruders with remote lock, wipe and locate features. This gives you full control over your device, protects your data and your valuable information remains private.

The parental control module also protects children against having access to messages, call, pictures and applications installed in your device. You can fully monitor your device and regulate what other people view. A Call Manager tool of this app helps you automatically block or allow specific numbers. You can also halt spam messages sent from 3 to 5 digit numbers and have peace while operating your device.

Another important feature is one tap Mobile Backup feature which provides a secure online drive to protect your contacts, SMS and calendar information. This secure drive has capacities up to 100GB, allowing users to easily transfer data between a mobile device and computer ensuring swift and trouble free syncs.

Bullguard Mobile Security Antivirus is available for android devices with Android 2.3 and 4.0 or higher. It is easy to download, easy to install, manage and it is does not cost you much. There is only one highly rated android security app that would not slow down your device performance, provides an easy to manage interface, ensure your children are safe and still be very affordable – Bullguard Mobile Security Antivirus.




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