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Bullguard Internet Security offers total protection that prevents malware and other unwanted programs and online threats from gaining access to your device. Along with its Internet protection, Bullguard Internet Security has an Antivirus Module. This combination is the perfect defense against viruses, Trojans, scareware, malware and threats that attack PCs, Android devices and Macs. Aside its ability to fight against threats, Bullguard Internet Security keeps out ransomware to keep you safe from cyber blackmail.


The ease-of-use of Bullguard Internet Security is a stand out feature of this internet security giant. Its all new design makes it really easy to use – with a separate module panel for each feature. A simple click and you are ready to go – the security status of your device will appear so you can see. Are there suspicious websites you would not want your children to access while you are away? Bullguard Internet Security has got your needs covered. You can block access to these sites, put filters in their place, limit your kid’s time online and keep them safe from cyber bullying. This will ensure your kids are only exposed to wholesome content.

An internet security system that slows down PC performance is never ideal. Bullguard Internet Security does not just free up memory, removing unnecessary files to boost your PC speed, but it tells you the applications you do not need on your computer as you get to see the running applications when you start your computer. Other features such as the Vulnerability Scanner and the Spamfilter are essential to the overall functioning of your PC.

The concern for most internet security solutions seems to be the pricing. Bullguard Internet Security is your ideal partner in terms of quality, exceptional and affordable service. They are very pocket friendly and do not take so much to download. With just a click, you are safe and your devices are secured from any threats that may fight against your valued properties and privacy. The affordability makes it possible for users to enjoy the security accompanied with Bullguard Internet Security as they do not have to buy separate security solutions for each of their devices. With just a single licence, all your devices are secured, free from unwanted programs, providing you the best possible convenience and peace of mind you could enjoy in this digital world.

There is of course, no better way to be rest assured of internet safety than subscribing to Bullguard.





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