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McAfee active protection is your PC’s best security partner – providing powerful protection and boosting the overall performance of your PC. This active protection identifies, blocks and quarantines malware and viruses. This it does by isolating a threat when detected so there is no damage to your PC. The Global Threat Intelligence feature of the McAfee Active Protection deploys real-time protection from the latest threats collected from more than 100 million McAfee users. This “collation” is done by an aggregator that combines and categorizes threat data into actionable intelligence while using same database as the Department of Defense.


The Download McAfee Active Protection is more than just an antivirus. It has five stand-out features that make for a great all-round performance of your PC. These features include:

NetGuard and Network Manager

The two-way firewall system monitors and stops the entry and exit of traffic from suspicious servers trying to connect to your PC. This feature also prevents hackers from gaining access to your PC and while stopping cyber criminals from using your PC to spread viruses, unwanted programs and online threats. These online threats attack vulnerable home internet enabled devices such as your Wi-Fi router. However, Network Manager can help monitor these devices and prevent threats from making changes or eavesdropping on your privacy.

Site Advisor

This feature ensures McAfee Active Protection identifies potentially risky URLs or otherwise safe ones. This helps you make smart decisions about what to click to avoid malicious downloads.

Vulnerability Scanner

It identifies any software in need of update by checking the version on your PC. This enables to update your PC software even more easily to avoid potential threats.

McAfee QiuckClean

This feature enables the deletion of unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files that slow down your PC so the performance of your PC can greatly improve.

McAfee Shredder

The McAfee Shredder does more than just a recycle bin – it destroys sensitive electronic files, preventing them from being recovered. This is especially helpful when you need something more than what the recycle bin offers.

Download McAfee Active Protection builds a layered defense system that ensures all your devices are protected from online threats so you can enjoy your devices maximally and in turn, your digital life. One thing is sure though, McAfee Active Protection will not slow down the performance of your system while fighting these threats. Affordability is also essential to us – you do not have to sweat to afford to download the best possible Antivirus Protection your PC can have.




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