Slight hiccups installing but running fine now

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BullGuard Premium Protection - Customer review

This protection comes as a little card with instructions and product key. Initially it seemed easy to install but then it stalled for a few minutes and with no sign of it restarting I had to reboot and try again, probably my PC playing up - second time was lucky. Once it was finally installed the interface looks very clear and I set it off for a full scan [allow several hours for this for the first time]. There are the usual firewall, spyware protection and parental controls/Facebook links to your children's accounts to monitor ... with a 16yr old at home I felt that was intrusive and would prefer to keep dialogue with my teen rather than be too 'Big Brother-but it is good to have the option I suppose'. It has 5gb of cloud storage too
Overall it seems to be working quietly and not slowing down my system as much as some protection I have used - the other aspects of the product might be useful to some but as others have mentioned I am wary about what the 'tune up' as it might try to dump files I want to keep.

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