So what are the Benefits of Antivirus & Internet Security?

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Benefits of Antivirus & Internet Security

Without excellent expensive or cheap antivirus software, the security of your computer is at risk. Antivirus do not solely offer protection against viruses; rather hundreds of added features have been introduced to provide your system with complete security against malwares, Trojans, adware as well as hackers, who are involved in developing and modifying all these infectious viruses and malware.

Investing in even a cheap antivirus or Internet Security software wouldn’t be a bad deal as thousands of different kinds of viruses are being reported everyday -  your computer needs to be secure before you give someone access to all your data or worse, your data gets destroyed.

If your business or home computers does not have protection, invest in internet security software that offers antivirus safety features + firewall protection and more. What benefits antivirus and internet security software can offer you? Here are the answers:

Benefits of an Antivirus

  1. Protection against Viruses:

Viruses like spyware, Trojans, adware and malware can infect your valuable data and even corrupt your windows where you will be left with no other option than to re-install Windows.

Also, there are some viruses that are harmless but they definitely interrupt your online browsing and computer’s processing speed — and you get a slower PC.

An antivirus helps in this because most of them are constantly updated so even the latest virus is caught at initial stage before the cancer (virus) may spread in every bit of your computer.

  1. Protection Against Spam Mail/Ads:

Internet browsing comes with thousands of spam advertisements bombarding your browsers and home screens. Mail boxes are often filled with spam mails as well as other unsafe spam mails which pretend to be from your bank. These spam mails mimic the original banking website and trick you into entering your banking details. Antivirus protects your system against all kinds of spam mails and ads that intrude your web browsing.

  1. Antivirus Is Inexpensive:

Even if you’re really careful during internet browsing; and even if you are a tech expert; your data is at equal risk of identity theft as of anyone else. A good antivirus is the only solution to it all. You can invest in cheap antivirus that provides all important features. But, be sure to get it from an authentic source.

  1. Updated Antivirus Provides Complete Basic Protection:

Antivirus that is updated constantly provide your system with complete necessary protection. But, this doesn’t mean you are safe from hackers or that your personal data is totally safe. However, there are many other features in paid antivirus which will help you be more secure. You can look for original but cheap antivirus software and you will get some good deals.

Benefits of Internet Security

Internet security provides advanced stage of protection at networking level specifically for business firms and industries from hackers.

  1. Firewall Protection

Firewalls protect your online communication and networking activities from hackers. No one has an access to whatever has been communicated over the internet and thus security is maintained. Online phishing attempts are instantly detected and blocked with firewall protection.

  1. Parental Control:

At homes, parents can turn on parental control for safe browsing of their young ones. Some antiviruses provide parental control feature as well but if you are thinking of buying an antivirus, buy the whole package and use single type of antivirus for protections. Do not use a combination of anti-viruses; it will only create problems for you.

  1. Identity Protection:

Excellent internet security software provides protection against hackers who attempt to access your personal data of bank account and credit card. Additionally, the firewall protection feature blocks unauthorized access to your network and computer.

  1. Protection against Spyware:

Spyware are malicious software that can get into your system to spy on you and extract your information through your passwords and credit card information; which you may have entered while making an online purchase. Spyware provides the information to its maker, the hacker, behind it. The hackers then use your information for carrying out unauthorized transactions and make purchases.

Now that you know the benefits of both antivirus and internet security, it will be easier for you to choose the one you need.


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