The Bull in Bullguard frightened nasties away.

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I have found Bullguard an excellent program that actually works in the background protecting you from nasty enemies that would attempt to steal or destroy information on your PC and you can set the conditions you need but also be sure that the program will look after your system without further effort from you and will report as required anything unusual or dangerous and deal with that accordingley. I have been using another well known protection product but it did not take care of things automatically and you can call this program up anytime to check on its progress and readjust settings to your requirements. Is a brilliant piece of programming and easy to understand and use and keeps watch continuously while you are on your PC but you can check its performance as often as you wish. Its absolutely brilliant and I do not know any other protection program like it and it does not cost the earth either. Its amazingly brilliant and gives absiolute peace of mind.
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