What Is The Difference Between Internet Security and Anti-Virus Software?

Authour: Jeremy Aronson

What Is The Difference Between Internet Security and Anti-Virus

Many people know that when they buy a new computer, they’re going to need to protect that computer from harm that can come through the internet, such as viruses and malware. 

There are many tools computer users can utilize to make sure their files, and their information, stay safe.  Some of these tools are cheap but still great, such as to download a McAfee product called McAfee LiveSafe or to download BullGuard Internet Security from www.InterSecure.co.uk 

But what exactly is the difference between a cheap or free Antivirus product or buying a cheap and powerful Internet Security product?  And is Internet Security better than Antivirus or vice versa?

Compare the difference between Antivirus and Internet Security here:

Antivirus program:

  • Protect your computer from viruses you may get from file sharing and internet downloads.
  • Can scan your computer and isolate potentially compromised files or downloads.
  • Can scan USB drives and e-mails for hidden viruses before opening them on your computer.
  • Does not include a firewall
  • Usually very inexpensive.

While antivirus programs are very handy, they only protect you against known virus threats that may be trying to infect your computer—they do not protect you from other kinds of harmful threats to your computer.  Sometimes these programs even trick you by offering a free product that expires after a certain amount of time, and will stop updating unless you subscribe, or pay for a key. 

Internet Security:

  • Protects against all internet threats, such as spam and malware.
  • Protects your computer fully from all threats coming across all channels.
  • Necessary for businesses and computers holding sensitive personal information.
  • Comes in packages based on the level of security you need.
  • Updated frequently to contain the latest knowledge in viruses and malware.
  • Can scan your computer hard drive for anything that may have gotten in and is causing problems.
  • Usually includes Antivirus too so you get a higher level of protection.

While an antivirus program looks appealing because of how easily accessible and inexpensive they are, users who choose to just use an antivirus leave themselves open to so many risks, especially when using networks with strangers like wifi hotspots.

Instead of just settling for the easy option A, many users ensure that they are completely covered with something like BullGuard Internet Security or McAfee LiveSafe.  This will give them updated protection against all kinds of harmful and negative internet threats ranging from a compromised e-mail to a bad link.  As soon as a virus is encountered, you will be alerted, or the website will stop loading, and the threat will be neutralized. 

For most users, choosing just an antivirus program is not enough protection.  When considering what kind of security you need, consider investigating internet security protection that includes all the things that may be coming for your information while you use your computer and browse the internet. 

At InterSecure we aim to get our customers the best protection at a very low cost price, so feel free to browse our website for Cheap but Powerful Internet Security Protection.




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