Where do I put my BullGuard Licence Key Antivirus / Internet Security / Premium Protection Licence Activation code?

Entering your licence key

Here is a guide on how to download or renew / activate your cheap BullGuard licence subscription that you purchased from us.

NOTE: If you purchased the same product as your previous subscription you will not loose out on days by activating your licence early.

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Download BullGuard from here and when required input your licence code:

Antivirus: http://e.pc.cd/h0totalK

Internet Security: http://e.pc.cd/S7totalK

Premium Protection: http://e.pc.cd/5cPotalK


Activating the licence key is simple and fast.

Activate the licence-key inside the BullGuard program.

To use your licence-key, open the BullGuard program and click on the Settings button in the upper top right hand corner.

In the Settings window, click on General from the left. Type in the key, in the Licence key field, and press the Activate licence keybutton.

Note that a licence key can only be used once. If you try to use the key more than once, you will receive an error message saying the licence key is already in use.

If for any reason you have trouble doing it above you can also use these instructions.

Activate the licence-key in “My Account” section, on BullGuard's website.

The easiest way to do so is to go to https://myaccount.bullguard.com/login  - login with your account details, then scroll the page down to insert the licence-key in the Activate Your Licence box (usually located on the right hand side of the page), then press the Activate button.


ExclamationMarkHow to open the BullGuard interface


To open the interface double click the BullGuard red icon in the System Tray (in the lower right corner of the computer screen where the computer clock is located) or right click it and choose the Show BullGuard option. Or simply double-click the BullGuard icon you have on your desktop.


ExclamationMarkUsing a paid account after reinstalling BullGuard


To continue using the paid account when reinstalling BullGuard, you will only need to login with the same username and password used when activating the licence key. Using a licence key extends the expiration date so the remaining subscription time is not lost.


ExclamationMarkStill need help?

Your licence comes with 24/7 Live support from BullGuards technical team, please go to www.bullGuard.com/support

Please bare in mind we are resellers of BullGuard products, we are not qualified to assist with technical matters, when contacted we do our best to help but ultimately it is BullGuards responsibility to resolve technical issues, however if your item was not as described in anyway we would be glad to help you out.




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