Mcafee Complete Antivirus Plus Protection Software, just as the name implies, offers complete Antivirus protection. Many have attested to the functionality of this antivirus program, making it a much sought after in the antivirus market today. However, only a privileged few have gotten their hands on this awesome product, as the cost of this antivirus program is not easy to come by. Some other people have however accessed the functionality of this product via trial usage but got cut off soon enough.


If you have been open to the wonders of this antivirus program but are now cut off due to the expiration of the product, you’ve got to renew it to continue enjoying its benefits. When I say “renew,” I’m not in any way supposing that you should dedicate an enormous renewal fee on the product. Buying it was enough!!! So, what am I saying? It’s simple! On our website, we offer cheap renewal for this very product at 65% off the basic renewal fee. That’s what I meant by “renew it to continue enjoying its benefits.” Read more about the product and how to get a cheap renewal for it.


Mcafee Complete Antivirus Plus Protection Software is a great antivirus program that is usable on all Windows devices. Its Active Protection and Global Threat Intelligence makes it able to detect, quarantine, and block viruses and malware. It searches through systems it is installed in to discover anything malicious, after which it isolates it to keep it from causing damage to users’ Personal Computer.


It deploys real-time protection with Threat Intelligence from the latest collected from more than 100 Million McAfee users. This is done by an aggregator that combines and categorizes threatening data into actionable intelligence whilst using the same reputation database as the Department of Defense by leveraging the latest threat intelligence shared from businesses and personal users.


McAfee Complete Antivirus Plus Protection Software is well-vested with a NetGuard and Network Manager; a Two-Way Firewall system that monitors and prevents traffic coming in and out of users’ systems and trying to connect to suspicious servers and known Botnets. It also prevents hackers from gaining access to users’ Personal Computer, thereby stopping cyber criminals from using users’ PC to spread viruses and online threats.


The Network Manager also does the work of keeping users’ Wi-Fi monitored when they are not at home to monitor it themselves. By so doing, it blocks unknown devices that may try to gain unapproved access to their Wi-Fi and remotely monitors home Wi-Fi to make necessary changes and prevent strangers from eavesdropping on users’ internet usage.


The antivirus programs SiteAdvisor does the work of identifying URLs as either safe or unsafe, risky or not risky, etc, and helps users make smarter decisions about what they click while surfing the internet as well as protect them from malicious downloads. With its vulnerability scanner, a user can identify an outdated software by checking to determine the version of the software that is installed on your Personal Computer. It also enables users to update their software more easily to patch potential security holes that may be exploited by online threats.


Most times, a once fast and agile system can suddenly become very sluggish for a supposed “no just cause.” But in reality, systems don’t just start operating slowly without a just cause. A couple of the factors that are responsible for such slow system operations include piled up cookies that are very unnecessary. Also, temporary internet files could also be responsible for such system dullness. The McAfee QuickClean is responsible for tackling such issues by deleting unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files that slow down PCs, thereby improving the PC’s overall performance.


Also, there are some sensitive user files that a user may want to get rid of forever to prevent other users of the same PC from having access to it using any file recovery app. As you know or possibly don’t know, merely deleting a file from a PC doesn’t get rid of the file absolutely. There are tricks to recovering such merely deleted files. There are even apps that serve the purpose of file recovery. But the McAfee Shredder makes sure that such sensitive files are gone forever and gone for good by securely destroying them. It destroys delicate electronic files if merely deleting them or emptying your PC’s recycle bin isn’t enough and prevents deleted files from being recovered.


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