Many who have used Kaspersky Total Antivirus hardly settle for any less, no matter the situation. This antivirus program does the work of cleaning PCs and keeping them safe from spyware and more. The security measures it employs to safeguard PCs are simply superb, as malicious apps and online threats do not find loopholes through which they can sneak into PCs and cause damages.


With Kaspersky antivirus program, not just your PC is kept safe. Even your phones and tablets enjoy its awesome benefits as well. With just one licence, multiple devices can be protected with equal security measures. It has a cloud-assisted security that helps keep you safe from infections and attacks, block banners and spam, keep your software up to date, and warns you about dangerous websites before you even visit them.


Given the strict security measures provided by this cloud-assisted security, an award was given to the antivirus program. Kaspersky Total Security has a range of functions depending on the type of device it is being used in. The said cloud-assisted security is only available on PCs.


For Mac and mobile devices, absolute safety is equally guaranteed. With just one licence, multiple mobile devices and tabs are secured. And if you happen to lose your phone, Kaspersky Total Protection gives you the rare privilege of wiping or locating the lost devices.


Your personal information is kept out of criminals’ reach with Kaspersky Total Security. No matter what happens, snoopers and phishers can’t make away with confidential data, as your online activities are constantly being monitored by the program to block unauthorized webcam use. Also, data is protected when third parties connect to your public network. However, this function is only available on PCs and Mac computers.


When it comes to online transactions, you have absolutely nothing to fear!!! Kaspersky Total Security adds extra security for online shopping and banking. Shopping and banking are activities that take place daily and can ever hardly be done without. Consequent upon this, online thieves have emerged, and all they do is look out for loopholes to capitalize on and perpetuate fraudulent activities online. Any mistake on your side could see all your money being drained off your bank account by a masked online personality.


But such fate is prevented from befalling users of Kaspersky Total Security, as the antivirus program offers you nothing short of its name (TOTAL SECURITY). Its unique security technology – Safe Money – helps you protect your money and account details, thereby keeping you from falling victim to such theft. This function too is only available on PCs and Mac computers.


Coming to kids and their online escapades, they stand no risks whatsoever!!! Kaspersky Total Security has a function known as SAFE KIDS which defends kids against internet dangers and makes the internet nothing short of a valuable education resource for them. Mobile devices help you keep in touch with your kids and monitor what they do online. However, you need to go further in protecting kids from today’s growing range of online and mobile dangers.


Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you find better ways to keep your kids safe – on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With device usage scheduling, GPS safe zones, notifications about suspicious activities and summaries of what they search, see and share… you can stay connected with your kids and help keep them safe. The range of functions depends on the type of device being used.


You can securely store all passwords for quick and easy access without any fears of exposing them to third parties. Kaspersky Total Security makes sure your passwords extremely inaccessible. Using complex unique passwords for every website and online account aids extreme security. But remembering all those passwords can be quite a task. So, Kaspersky Total Security makes it easy for users by storing up those passwords for them and equally provides them with on MASTER PASSWORD through which they can gain access to their individual accounts from their PC, Mac, Android phone, tablets, iPhone, and iPad. However, the number of users depends on the licence purchased.


More so, your precious files, photos, music, and memories are safeguarded. With Kaspersky Total Security, you don’t get to lose irreplaceable files, photos or memories, or even suffer a security breach if any sensitive data finds its way into the wrong hands. It helps you create backup copies of all their precious photos, music and files. In addition, data encryption helps to ensure confidential files can’t be read if they’re accessed by criminals or unauthorized users. This function, however, is only available on PCs.


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