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Without mincing words, BullGuard antivirus is the best you can find. Independent labs even confirmed so. The Antivirus is an effective combination of traditional signature-based detection along with industry-leading behavioral detection. To cut the chase, this antivirus program offers multi-layered defense against all familiar and unfamiliar viruses before they get the chance to infect your computer.


Unwanted applications are kept far away and prevented from hijacking browsers/home pages and altering the settings thereof. Some programs come with very annoying toolbars that invade system browsers upon installation, hence modifying system settings. Though they are not malicious like Trojans and worms, they do the work of altering browser settings. And that may not be a welcoming development to users. Sometimes, these toolbars alter your home pages and change your default search engines. And in most cases, getting rid of them could be a hard nut to crack. But with BullGuard Antivirus Protection, such unwanted tools are flagged up and stopped from tampering with your PC settings.


BullGuard Antivirus Protection sends you alerts and warnings about websites and pages that contain malicious codes. These malicious codes often hide in websites to do harm to visitors who unwittingly click on a link that redirects to those websites. By so doing, the used PC becomes vulnerable to malware attack and becomes infected. Worse off, data becomes accessible and possibly stolen. Now, that’s a dangerous thing to befall someone. But then, such fate can be averted on the wings of BullGuard Antivirus Protection, as the program warns you of these threats ahead of time.


BullGuard Safe browsing hints you of hidden danger lurking in various websites. With such feature, you can surf the entire World Wide Web in absolute safety!!! Further ensuring your online safety, BullGuard Antivirus Protection comes with another feature that serves the purpose of checking all the links that pop up in search results and on Facebook pages, thus flagging those of them that redirect to malicious websites.


Given all these awesome qualities and features of BullGuard Antivirus Protection, one could mistake this program to be complex and hardly accessible. But it will shock you to know that using this Antivirus Program could just be as easy as reciting A, B, C. It possesses an elegant and simple design that lets users utilize it without much effort or any effort at all. Its installation process is a quick one and it is easy to manage; there nothing complex about it. Also, users can even customize the interface of the program to suit their needs, as BullGuard Antivirus Protection has an intuitive interface that can easily be customized. Customization can occur in the following areas; setting the spam filter, running scans or adjusting protection levels.


With its spam filter being customizable, it allows users prevent spam from clogging up their inboxes, making it overly easy to put an end to the harassments of spammers. Users don’t have to face those annoying spam messages that fly through to their inboxes anymore, as they can easily have spam blocked using the BullGuard spam filter. With this feature, irritating and irrelevant spam messages are no longer an issue to deal with. Best of all, the spam filter protects users from phishing scams.


This antivirus program doesn’t curtail system performance like many antivirus programs do. It is designed to keep PCs running consistently at high performance. So whether you code, design, or game, you can still expect the computer to perform at an optimum level.

An excellent feature of this antivirus program is that it has a free 24/7 support which delivers expert and friendly advice at any time of your choosing and also helps out with any security problem via Live chat or e-mail. You can also choose online remote access support if it makes things easier for you.


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