Mcafee Total Protection is an exceptional antivirus program that is found on a great number of computers worldwide. Given that statistics, the effectiveness of this awesome antivirus program cannot be overemphasized. I would suppose that almost all PC users are familiar with the miracles of this impressively built spyware fighter. But all the joy dies when this awesome product expires and users don’t have that much money to have it renewed. However, we delight in keeping joy alive, which makes us offer a cheap renewal of this product on our website (65% off standard renewal fee). But before we get there, let discuss the MCAFEE TOTAL PROTECTION a little.


Mcafee possesses such capabilities which lets it protect the devices of its users in an overly remarkable way. It can be used across many devices, as its “one security solution” allows a single user to make use of a single licence on his or her desktop, tablet, mobile, and wearable technology. More so, it secures all those devices from one simple-to-use console. When considering using Mcafee total protection on more than one device, bother less about multiple subscriptions, as a single subscription covers all security needs without any lapses.


With its customized internet firewall protection, it guards against activities that pose some level of threat and customizes all protection levels to users’ needs. Even the network access is controlled by monitoring the information that is allowed to travel between devices on your network. It has sophisticated filters that block suspicious incoming traffic on the internet as well as programs that try to make away with your data. Your personal data are kept from being sent over the internet by the program’s malicious app blocker which blocks the malicious applications that tamper with user data.


Mcafee Total Protection has anti-spam tendencies that keep spammers far from you. It auto-detects emails that try to expose you to malware or trick you into giving out your data in the course of your online dealings and prevents unsolicited emails from reaching your inbox. It equally possesses anti-spyware tendencies that work to keep spyware from gaining access to your computer to share your data with unknown third parties.


Just as the name implies, Mcafee Total Protection protects a limitless number of devices for you, your family and friends. Its remarkability has gained it an impressive site rating, leading to it being considered a top notch antivirus program; especially by those more particular about social media protection. And talking about social media protection, all Mcafee-installed devices are secured from one simple-to-use console. Remember, just a single subscription covers all your needs; the number of devices notwithstanding.


Keeping kids off the internet is an impossible venture in the 21st century. Instead of battling effortlessly to keep them off social media, you can simply gain control over their online dealings courtesy of Mcafee’s Parental Control Features which filters content and blocks or allows websites based on children's age range. It tailors search engine safety filter to auto-exclude contents that are unfitting for kids. The Child Activity Log lets you find out which of your children is visiting blocked sites or accessing the internet outside scheduled hours. Such schedule is made possible by its Screen-Time Management which helps restrict the amount of time children get to spend online.


This antivirus program has a True Key - Password Manager that allows for a biometric login, enabling users to sign in without passwords or login with facial recognition or fingerprint. The Password Locker stores your passwords locally on your device and syncs them to your profile. Secure AUTO-LOGIN allows for automatic login, as True Key enters your login details and password for you. It automatically synchronizes your passwords across your devices using your profile.


On mobile devices, Mcafee Total Protection shields your device with a shield screenshot and prevents unlawful installation of malicious apps on the device. It also remotely backs up, restores, and wipes personal information off lost devices. With this antivirus program, locating and locking lost mobile devices is possible using centralized Mcafee account. (You should have one).


This program also lets users free up phone memory by closing unwanted background apps, hence improving speed and saving power. It renders mobile devices faster and easier during use. Mcafee Total Protection even got a speed award based on rating (Highest Rating). Its new simple and intuitive interface which is optimized for the device gives users instant access to all security features.


What more could one ask for??? If keeping your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices secure is a priority to you, then the MCAFEE TOTAL PROTECTION is all you need!!! However, the high price of this product’s renewal has prevented many from enjoying the benefits after its expiration. Many managed to get their hands on it but got crippled after the product expired. So, what now???


On our website, we offer cheap renewal of the MCAFEE TOTAL PROTECTION for a very little amount of money (65% off the standard renewal fee). This offer lets any and every user make use of this outstanding product without tampering with family savings or run short of cash to settle other bills. So, if you want to renew your MCAFEE TOTAL PROTECTION, then click on the following link to get this offer. Remember, its 65% off the standard renewal price. Hurry now!!!




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