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BullGuard Premium Protection offers powerful, robust and layered protection against all forms of online threats. With one single licence, you can protect your devices and safeguard your family members against predators and cyber bullying. BullGuard Premium Protection is one of the most-sought security suites today to enhance Internet security and defeat privacy threats.

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The Dangers of Social media. How does it affect you?

Everyone’s buzzing in the virtual world especially on social media. We like sharing thoughts, exchanging photos and videos and interacting with the rest of world. But, do you ever wonder if it’s really safe to put your personal stuff out there?

It has been a prolific year in social media usage with millions of active users from all over the globe online. Unfortunately, social media platform is not only a perfect virtual place for social media, but Hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals also see this place as an opportunity to take advantage of account credentials, abuse personal data and pick out less tech savvy victims.

Despite the soaring popularity, even with the best privacy settings, security is always a major concern.

This is why, using a more advanced Internet security tool is often necessary to counter these privacy and security threats.

In the opinion of Internet security specialists, the newest changes and features of social networking sites such as Facebook, makes it easier for predators to collect personal information and initiate malicious incursion. Timeline feature of Facebook is a one-page display of essential events (and information) of the person. The location-sharing feature which can be visible right from the user’s Facebook timeline could enable strangers to gather information and know the whereabouts of the person.

When private details are not kept privately and private settings are not managed properly, you could put yourself at the spotlight of virtual attacks where virtual stalkers can use your information against you.

So, you think privacy and security settings are enough? Think again!

Love tweeting? Even celebrities and popular figures like it too.

Sharing your thoughts is never been easy and simple than using Twitter online platform. But if you take a closer look, Twitter is not an exception for malware attacks and identifies thieves. Weak passwords and attachments with malware enable virtual stalkers to mess around with your private information and online account.

Becoming too social has its own benefits and risks associated - as you gain more followers and greater online visibility the more you are likely to be exposed to hacking and thwacking, no one is immune.

Unfortunately, social media is not all about talking to friends and sharing your life, with social media becoming highly in-demand and popular, it becomes the newest promotional tool and online marketing platform for firms. Truth be told, online predators test the waters by digging corporate socializing and business account known as phishing.

Cybercriminals are always collecting details of customers and users that are related to the corporate social media account. Take the case of the Bank of Melbourne as an example where its official Twitter account was utilized by hackers to spread phishing links via direct messages to every follower of the account. This allows them to gather personal data of its customers.

Robust Protection so you can be Productive Online with Confidence!

Social media accounts are not only precious tools for corporate and individuals but eventually for hackers and cybercriminals too. So, how do you get effective in promoting your business or interacting with friends in the world full of virtual threats? Aside from revising your privacy and security settings on your social media account and being mindful of your online behaviour, BullGuard Premium Protection is the best cheap antivirus protection and cheap Internet security defence you can use so you can be productive with confidence.

There’s nothing better than getting a cheap antivirus which will give you total peace of mind!

Getting a comprehensive online security suite is not a luxury but often a necessity. This is what you get when you Download BullGuard Premium Protection on your PC’s and devices.

Spot and remove all forms of online threats such as viruses, malware and spyware. Plus, fend off online threats and malware attacks by ensuring malicious application and program does not reach your system. Plus, spot and block shared features and fraudulent URLs. Plus, the identity Protection and social media tracking are all these, equals to total peace of mind.

Be careful, for Safety Sake!

Malware and other Internet threats can come in various forms. Regardless if you don’t have a social media account, for as long as you’re using the World Wide Web, you should not be complacent. Hackers and cybercriminals can be in every corner of the virtual world, lurking and waiting to get hold of your all your private data for personal benefits. In order to protect you, your kids and devices from them always are careful of suspicious links in the form of app invitation or private messaging through emails from your groups or social media friends.

Suspicious links usually lead to malicious websites that can compromise your Internet security and steal your private information especially if you don’t have effective antivirus with link-scanning and anti-phishing features. Anyone can fall victim to malware and cyber attacks but it doesn’t have to be you or kids. BullGuard Premium Protection is not only a cheap Internet security tool you can easily install on any platform and devices. It is the best cheap antivirus protection packed with the broadest range of online and social media security features so your family can enjoy socializing and browsing the Internet in full safety.

Robust, Award-Winning, Trusted

Tried ‘goggling’ yourself? Learn how much information about you is accessible online. If there’s anything that can potentially threaten your privacy and online security, take some steps to mend the problem. You should take your time managing your privacy settings and ensuring your devices are protected. BullGuard Premium Protection has the most comprehensive and proactive online security features to help you counter all forms of Internet threats. With BullGuard’s your safety is its main priority.

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