What comes with BullGuard Premium Protection!



BullGuard Complete All In One Premium Protection is one piece of online security tool you can’t afford to do without if you’re internet-security conscious. It effectively halts malware and other online threats, hence keeping them from your device’s reach. Its Antivirus module makes it the perfect defense against the numerous malware that attacks computers, laptops, Macs, and Android devices. Here are the superb qualities that stand this antivirus protection out amongst others.



It possesses a PC Tune Up that rids computers of unnecessary files, thereby freeing up memory and enabling the computer to run at a faster pace. It keeps you informed about needless programs and disables them to reduce PC startup time. Its Cleanup Helper also allows for easy free up of disk space to achieve a better computer speed. As it has to do with data, personal info is safeguarded from being exploited by cyber criminals, as BullGuard scans the entire web for users’ sensitive information. The moment users’ details go public via online registrations, BullGuard sounds the alert via email or text, with advice on the necessary steps to take.



Prior to installation, BullGuard takes off all active malware and adapts to system specifications to ensure unification. At the end of the installation, BullGuard checks the system to make sure the latest virus definitions are installed. Afterward, it commences the good work, running in the background to ensure a healthy and secure system.



With BullGuard, Facebook protection is sure. No need to worry about what content children might be exposed to when surfing social media, as BullGuard Premium Protection helps monitor children’s Facebook profiles. By flagging all possible threats, children’s safety is guaranteed. Any time inappropriate contents and ill-intended strangers are found lurking around children online, BullGuard sends a notification to their guardians.


Media protection goes as far as monitoring keywords in areas like sexting, profanities, sex-related content, violence, abuse, cyber bullying, drugs and drinking. Even pictures on social media are equally monitored, as well as unsafe website links. With a highly potent firewall, BullGuard keeps out intruders. Hackers and identity thieves stand no chance against BullGuard’s firewall, as it safeguards users against network attacks and stops cyber crooks from entering users’ system



BullGuard makes the management of internet security extremely easy!!! Each feature comes with its own module panel. Simply clicking on the desired action sees it taking place instantaneously!!! All the modules are on one page so users can see at-a-glance their devices security status.



Users can backup from BullGuard to their Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account. This tool allows for files to be shared and managed without fear. Files can be backed up automatically. BullGuard lets users schedule automated backups and have them run on demand, and also synchronizes so that the latest versions can be available. Furthermore, there’s room for files to be encrypted using a password that isn’t stored by BullGuard, hence keeping users’ files private at all times.


Mobile devices (Android-based) are commonly targeted by malware and spyware. But BullGuard cloud-based antivirus engine prevents viruses and unwanted apps from penetrating those devices. This cloud-based protection provides the most up-to-date security for Android devices. Best of all, virus scans don’t drain the device battery.



Just a single licence can secure all the devices of a particular user; be it desktop, laptop, Mac, Android tablet, or smartphone. These can be kept safe and secure without a separate security solution being bought.



BullGuard vulnerability scanner checks for security updates that are missing, checks for unsecured Wi-Fi networks connections, or applications that automatically execute; which could be a malware. It also performs the task of checking to determine drivers that are digitally signed, as those drivers are important files that allow users and the operating system to interact with hardware connected to the system. When they are digitally signed, security is improved.



Not all features are available for Mac or Android.


Having gone through all the features and benefits of BullGuard Complete All In One Premium Protection, I bet you have only one thing to say about the product; IMPRESSIVE!!! You possibly have enjoyed the wonders of BullGuard and can’t imagine what it will be like when it expires. Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.


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