What is better McAfee LiveSafe or BullGuard Premium Protection - Cheap Antivirus doesn't mean less protection!

Does your computer have antivirus software? When buying a new laptop, or when antivirus software expires on an old laptop, many think that they can just skip getting an antivirus. After all, it’s 2017, surely computers should be safe enough by now, right? In an ideal world, maybe. However, I assure you, without antivirus software, your computer and all the valuable, personal information stored within is at risk. You might surprised to learn that malware attacks are even on the rise. The need is clear. But there are many products out there claiming to be “the best”. We’re here to get to the bottom of which program really is the best cheap antivirus?

Today, we’d like to compare two of the softwares that ranked among the top of our list for cheap antivirus, BullGuard Premium Protection and McAfee LiveSafe. We’re going to address each program’s strengths and weaknesses and ultimately leave the final decision up to you.

BullGuard Premium Protection

What we loved: BullGuard comes with whopping protection. It offers the essentials like identity protection, firewall, vulnerability scans, and offers a multifaceted tune-up service for your PC. A new feature that we see in BullGuard that many others don’t come with is the ability to monitor your child’s activities on social media, we lso didn’t notice any slow down on the device at all.

Plus, cheap BullGuard Premium Protection is available for cheap readily online from here BullGuard Premium Protection

What we didn’t: The spam filter isn’t the best we’ve seen, some spam was able to get through, however BullGuard learns from your habits what you consider as spam and over time it becomes better at detecting spam.

BullGuard is considered a security suite for the average-joe, the basic setup is suitable for anyone however the advanced features which are not usually required are a bit targeted and might be harder for the general public to configure.

If you’re the kind of person who fits the standard setup features or somebody who doesn’t know how to tune-up their computers on their own which is pretty much everyone, this software is perfect.

McAfee LiveSafe 2017

What we loved: Cheap McAfee LiveSafe can be found fairly easily over here McAfee LiveSafe, it is one of the most popular programs out there. McAfee works for more than just your PC. They’re available for everything from Android phones, iOS devices, and even MacBooks. It includes biometric authentication to access cloud storage and backups, a password manager that is locked securely with multifactor authentication, and comes with a multitude of other bonus features at no extra cost. Its cloud storage system security is completely unique to other programs, and we find it fascinating and remarkably user-friendly.

What we didn’t: While other protection and encryption scores were great, we found McAfee LiveSafe was a bit lackluster when it came to anti phishing. Plus, after getting acquainted with BullGuard Premium Protection’s parental controls, not having them on this renowned software was a bit disappointing, we found that whilst the protection was great it did slow down our device a little bit in comparison to BullGuard

Hopefully, this guide served to inform you about some of our premium and best cheap antivirus software options. Now, the hard part comes. Which will you choose?

BullGuard Premium Protection or McAfee LiveSafe ?




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