What is the difference between Cheap Antivirus or Internet Security Software and do I need it?

Cheap Antivirus & Internet Security Software– Why Should You Use It?

How awful that feeling is when you experience losing all your important data or when someone takes over your personal account! There are so many possibilities of why it happened and many of those revolve around virus and malware that get transmitted to your computer during web surfing. And to be safe, that’s why Anti-viruses should be your priority.

But we should not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basic.

Why you should use antivirus? What is internet security and should you be investing in it? What’s the difference? Paid or free antivirus: which one should you be using? You can find your answers today.

Globally, Cybercrime is pacing up and viruses, malicious malwares, spam mails are invented daily to sneak into your personal information and data. Your internet as well as PC needs ensured security that’s constantly updated; to detect and handle latest viruses.

What’s the Difference Between an Antivirus and Internet Security?

No matter how safe you do the web browsing, you cannot cut off your system from spam advertisements, mails and websites (even the most trusted ones). Digital security vendors offer wide range of products from antivirus to internet security software. Before you choose the best security product, understand the difference between them.

The major difference between antivirus and internet security is that while an antivirus protects you from viruses that may infect your computer, an internet security suite protects you from many other forms of malicious content and action, by having advanced features such as a firewall, phishing detection over the internet, capability to detect key loggers and good action against Trojans and worms.


Which One Should You Buy: Antivirus or Internet Security?

If you use a lot of web browsing, you should definitely invest in internet security.  With internet security, you can also block websites. In terms of parental control, internet security will secure your child from accessing unwanted websites.

However, if you are not much of an internet user, and it is personal use only, then any antivirus will protect you quite fairly.

So, why not invest on some cheap internet security software or an antivirus that has all the features you want.

How Free and Paid Antivirus Software Differ? Do You Need More Security?

Free apps, free calls, free networking, free access, free video streaming, and now free antivirus; everything is available for free but your data should not be put at risk.

Every now and then an antivirus ad pops up asking you to take their free service but it can be risky. While scanning for viruses, in the worst-case scenarios they can steal personal data and put your information at risk, in the best-case scenario you will be protected but as you can imagine when someone is not getting paid for a software they have provided you with, they have no incentive to ensure they are offering you with the best protection or with the latest features.

If you want the best protection with the latest features, buy a cheap antivirus or Internet Security software as there are a lot of good offers going on.

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