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McAfee LiveSafe - Latest Download - 12 Month - PC - MAC - Android

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Cheap Antivirus McAfee LiveSafe - Latest Download - 12 Month - PC - MAC - Android - InterSecure

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  • Is this the latest edition?

    Our licenses always download the latest available edition with all the latest updates throughout your subscription.

  • Is the price final?
    • The price you see is final, We do not charge extra for Delivery, Credit, Debit, AMEX or anything else.
    • What you see is exactly what you get. You will not get any nasty surprises when you buy from us.
  • How is it so cheap?

    We partner up with other companies and buy large quantities of licenses so we can negotiate better prices for our customers, we work on minimum margins to ensure our customers come back to us year on year.

  • How is this Delivered?
    • To ensure you always have a record of the license we sold to you and to save you money on postage, your license is sent digitally
    • The software is downloaded directly from the brands website
    • All required information is sent with the license.
  • Is it easy to setup?

    We have made the process as simple as possible and this item is very easy to setup, all required information is sent with the license.

  • Do I get free support?

    When you buy a license from us you are eligible for free support directly from the brand, we are also happy to help with any query you may have including technical support.

  • Is this a genuine license?

    All our products are 100% genuine licenses and purchased from official sources - This is why our customers rate us highly!

  • Is the payment secure?
    • Our customers security is very important to us so we use PayPal and Stripe to ensure your details are always kept safe
    • Our site has a SSL certificate to ensure your details are encrypted.
  • Do you price match?

    We are so sure that you can’t get this cheaper we offer a price match promise for 30 days after your purchase with any other official reseller.

  • Antivirus


    This suite provides a full antivirus protection of detecting any available threats on your pc by running a quick, full, or custom scan to eliminate viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more on your pc, that may slow down, steal, and destroy your files. The antivirus blocks quarantines and destroys any available of those threats as quickly as it’s detected.

  • McAfee Active Protection & Global Threat Intelligence

    McAfee Active Protection & Global Threat Intelligence

    McAfee Active Protection detects, quarantines, and blocks viruses, and malware. If we find something malicious, we isolate it so it can’t cause damage to your PC. Deploy real-time protection with Global Threat Intelligence from the latest threats collected from more than 100 Million McAfee users by an aggregator that combines & categorises threat data into actionable intelligence whilst using the same reputation database as the Department of Defence by leveraging the latest threat intelligence shared from businesses and personal users.

  • McAfee QuickClean & Shredder

    McAfee QuickClean & Shredder

    McAfee QuickClean Deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files that slow down your PC and improves your PC’s performance. McAfee Shredder securely destroys sensitive electronic files if deleting files and emptying your PC’s recycle bin isn’t enough. McAfee Shredder prevents deleted files from being recovered.

  • True Key - Password manager

    True Key - Password manager

    Biometric login :-Sign in without passwords - log in with facial recognition or fingerprint.

    Password locker :- Store your passwords locally on your device and sync them to your profile.

    Secure auto-login :- Log in automatically - True Key enters your login details and password for you.

    Fully synchronised :- Automatically synchronise your passwords across your devices using your profile.

  • Safe browsing

    Safe browsing

    This feature externally verifies if a site's McAfee SECURE trust mark is authentic. The extension displays website security information in the upper right corner of your browser. Plus, it annotates Google search results for you so you know which links to click and which to avoid.

  • Spam filter

    Spam filter

    Spam messages are phishing and unsolicited email messages sent in bulk usually to sell something, which has a function of accessing your personal information through masquerading as legitimate from a trusted source but not to worry because the safe browsing function on this suite lets you customize how the spam messages could be detected, filtered and destroyed.

  • Pc tune-up

    Pc tune-up

    This suite is designed to remove all unwanted programs from running in the background to improve boot time, optimize internet and browser settings for fast and smooth browsing experience, Schedule automatic organization of the data on your hard drive and make your computer run more efficiently, Schedule automatic checks to help diagnose and report errors on your hard disk , Schedule Windows to receive updates from Microsoft automatically so that your computer is always up-to-date with the latest performance and security enhancements, clear junk files to free up your hard drive space, while making your PC secure from vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability scanner

    Vulnerability scanner

    Vulnerability scanner scans the local network to identify protected systems and also checks unimplemented software updates and stops any of the unimplemented software update trying to run on the pc.

  • Firewall


    McAfee firewall provides a customizable and complete inbound and outbound firewall protection. It trusts known good programs and helps block spyware, Trojans, and key loggers. it defends your computer against hacker probes and attacks, monitors internet and network activity, alerting you to hostile or suspicious events, provides detailed information about internet traffic, and compliments antivirus defenses.

  • Parental control

    Parental control

    Presenting a very simple to use parental control feature in which all you have to do is to input the age range of your children and pick what to allow them access from a list of broad topics. These controls can be set to block some inappropriate languages, images, videos and more from online search results.

  • Social media protection

    Social media protection

    The social media protection takes inventory of your social media accounts to see if there are any third-party applications that have access to your personal social data. Delete the ones you don’t use or don’t need. And make sure you are ok with what information they are accessing from your social profile.

  • Encrypted online backup

    Encrypted online backup

    This is a fully automated file encryption back up tool that is very easy to use all you need to do is just install and all your files are then encrypted and stored on a secure remote server online. Your files are safe and easy to retrieve with just a few mouse clicks.

McAfee LiveSafe - Latest Download - 12 Month - PC - MAC - Android

Choose how many devices?

Regular price £69.99 Now £17.75

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Cheap Antivirus McAfee LiveSafe - Latest Download - 12 Month - PC - MAC - Android - InterSecure
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